Serbian for Foreigners!

Group courses

If you are a foreign visitor who wishes to learn Serbian and find out more about Serbia and its culture, the Brown's School is the right place for you. The main purpose of the course is to enable foreigners to use the Serbian language actively in the working environment as well as in everyday situations. The language used for teaching is usually English. The course is available to students of all levels, from beginners to advanced. Available all year round. The duration of Serbian Courses is depending on the student's wishes.

For groups: 28.000 dinars (7000 dinars per month – classes twice a week, 90 minutes)
Prices of intensive courses depend on the course's dynamics. Contact us!


Individual courses

Individual courses are especially tailored to the needs of the individual student. A specific courseprogram is created for each student based on the results of the 'interests and needs analyses'. As we focus on the individual needs of the student, he/she can learn the language and reach their desired level of competency in a short time frame.

Individual lesson (90 minutes) is 1500 dinars.